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First real run this year.

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First real run this year.

Answering the request for more posts .... took the real first run out on the lake last Sat. the 3rd from Mayer's Marina on I-Bay.  It was pretty bumpy at about 8:00 and the lake settled down about 10:00 to 1 footers or less.  Picked up a nice 2 year old king 90' down over 240' due NE from the bay.  21", 6.5lbs.  Hit on a DW tiger spoon with gold back.  Didn't think I'd need to get that far out to hit one.  Had to head in after just the one.  Very little temp difference in the water, 53.7 on the surface and it varied by about 0.5 down below 50'.  Fish was returned (as usual) to make more fish.  Happy fishing guys, a good stretch of weather is coming.     

2017 King.jpg

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