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Cayuga 3/3

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Stinger & I launched at T-Falls. The water is extremely low but if your carefull it's doable. My rig is a 20' Alumacraft and we were able to launch, just keep to the right side of the channel where the water seems to be the deepest.

Stinger landed a nice brown right away and we boated a few small landlocks. Stinger then suggested that we to try his secret spot unfortunately, it was so secret the fish didn't even know about it. After wasting precious time we went to our olds haunts and Stinger boated another nice Brown and a few more Landlocks. We finished off with a couple of average Lakers about 4 lbs.

We couldn't find a pattern or depth that was consistant but it seemed nice to get back on the water after a six week layoff.

I think I need to mute Stinger or just stop listening to his suggestions to start catching more fish.

Seriously, the last two winters have been marginal, I would like to hear if everone else is having the same experience. We're catching fish but nothing like it has been in the past. The Lakers were deep and the Browns were on top.


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Ya know I'm not going to let those comments from `frisco & chaos go by with out some rebutal. I'll try and keep it a nice a possible because we all know how sensitive Chaos is....:arrow:

Before I give you my version of the fishing report I just what all to know that `frisco was again as gracious as he can be. Other than the fact that there was plenty of heat and food in the boat the companionship was limited. He seemed a little crotchety at times (must be a full moon or MENstrual thing :shock: ). Sorta bossy...I know he is the Captain but come on, I'm supposed to be the guest. Well anyway, we were lucky enough to wack a couple fish right off the bat and he kept saying "you handle the fish, I don't want to get fish slim on me". At first I didn't mind but then my hands were freezing. The water temp was 37 deg and my little fingers were getting colder everytime I washed them off. I figured that the only way around that was to not catch some fish for awhile so I told him about this real secret hot area to try. Little did he know that HOT part was for the benefit of my hands and the secret was there usually isn't any fish there:) . The rest of the story is in his post.

Can't wait for the tourny. Already have a deal cut with Mary Ann so Chaos you better check you lines for nicks real good the day of the event. Could have some knicks as far as 75', 100' feet in the spool :lol: . ........

Don't bother asking her. She'll just deny any of this.... ;) .

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