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Sold / Closed 2009 Grady white 208 adventure

MooseKnuckle VI

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For sale:

Fresh water only Grady white 208. 2009 Yamaha 200 4 stroke ~135 hrs. Hard top with front and side curtains in pretty good shape. Brand new 25" Yamaha 9.9 kicker 4 stroke elec start/trim on a garlick bracket with troll master and ez steer. Lowrance HDS 7 and an HDS 5. VHF radio remote spotlight and Bluetooth stereo. Has a full cushion package and porta potti. 2 long traxtech tracks on either side plus 2 6" Cisco tracks on the rear for the riggers. Two Great Lakes planers triple trees. Traxtech APR3000 planer reels. 2 manual cannon uni troll riggers on traxtech swivel bases with 12# shark weights. There's three traxtech 5 position dipsie holders (can't seem to find the 4th for some reason). Brand new 6 rod rocket launcher installed 2 weeks ago plus 5 rod rocket launcher tubes welded to the hard top.


Kicker was purchased and rigged in April. I'd guess it has less than 20 hours. Yamaha 200 was serviced in march. Everything else was bought and rigged last July. The boat was totally bare when I bought it. Will include the 4 gunnel rod holders as well. These were removed when I put on the tracks. Boats very clean, has one very small knick on the one side which was repaired by the previous owner I assume. 2 batteries in good shape with selector switch. Sits on a dual axle aluminum bunk trailer in good shape. Hubs and brakes were checked when I brought it home, bearings repacked as well.


Trailer has PA tags and title. Boat has clean transferable Delaware registration. Boat has a nice size cockpit for a 21 footer. Fishes 3-4 easily. I've had 6 on it twice, that was a tad tight but it worked. Cuddy cabin is clean with full cushions in good shape. No tears or stains.


The boats a bit dirty right now. It's on the trailer at camp due to the high water and it gets dirty under the trees. No damage just dirty. Does well on gas. Hold 86? Gals. Cruises at 28-3ph at 4000 rpm. Yamaha digital gushes say 9.x gph at cruise. Also has trim tabs.


Asking $46,500. I'll get more pics when I'm at camp next week. IMG_1175.thumb.JPG.6326fdae63cd1c8b71476842d5aeb595.JPGIMG_2228.thumb.JPG.1382ffa5bcc6b2f49ffc1398d7c35755.JPG IMG_2165.thumb.JPG.9395ff1f52bf0411d6050776499417ef.JPGIMG_2395.thumb.JPG.1c8fcfe0708c510dd0304c48e11c10ae.JPGIMG_2391.thumb.JPG.0941e8bc3ba4d9de9b62aa5a3601ddf0.JPGIMG_2392.thumb.JPG.4190a1ad6114fe924c4dffff6873781b.JPG



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Yeah it's all good, camp isn't working out like I hoped. Gonna relocate to Delaware, half as far of a trip and better for the family is what it's coming down to. Hope I'm not making a giant mistake.....


Figured I could sell the Grady rigged easier than piecing it all out. Probably end up with a pilot house of some type for the ocean I dunno. If not I'll just run the Grady down there. I love this boat, every time I'm on it I like it more, just hate to tear it all apart selling the gear off piecemeal.


Hey Matt, you outta buy the boat, the camp, the wife and all my gear. Give you a good price! (If the boat doesn't sell I won't be too sad lol)


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Yeah Moose I don't know you very well, but we've been in the BRCG, for 20 plus years, you certainly got a lot going on there in a short amount of time wish ya well man. That's a nice piece of property for sure.

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Well I know I sacrificed a lot of trips as the kids grew up!! but know that they are old enough to fend for themselves I've had a lot more time for myself. Family comes first your young yet, you'll have time to redo your life. 

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