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Rochester 7/30, 7/29, 7/27

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Photo of the mighty Atlantic Salmon. 13#.






cannot begin without saying "What a great fishery we have in our backyard. "


7/27 Thursday. Perfect overcast with occasional rain. Motored to Braddocks Bay from I- Bay. Lo and behold fish are everywhere. In the shallow due to cold water inside. I was fishing with Captain Larry Hammond and we were focused on Brown trout.




It was nearly all spoon bites off the riggers. We reeled in 15 browns and one Atlantic with 19 hits.


On Saturday the 29th with the confusion of small craft advisory and constant wind report updates, i went out with my neighbor Rob. Browns are no where to be found in braddocks. Slid out to 100 fow by the Russell Station. The wave condition became gnarly. It was all flasher and fly bites off the riggers. We got nice king 20# that swam along the wall of wave next to the boat. It was an awesome sight to see the fish on top of the water column next to you. We went 3/4 before motoring back to port safely.


Sunday the 30th. Last day of the derby. My boat stopped in front of the bay due to battery issue and I was able to turn on the kicker motor to get her going. We could only fish in front of the bay. Brown trouts were there to greet us. Lost more browns than what I wanted. My neighbor Rob keep on learning new things as he dropped the biggest Brown of the day. You can only text your friend fishing by taking him out there and let him try new things. Over time he will become your mate and help you land the beasts of your dream.! We ended with 9 browns out of 15 tries. It was so much fun watching Rob fight the fish.




Be safe out there!




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Oh my goodness, I forgot to include the important details.  For today (Sunday the 30th) the hot colors were NK bright yellow and orange,  yellow and green.  Along with the cheaters, Evil Eye Black and Gold.  As for last Thursday with overcast, the hot spoon were mostly green and yellow along with evil eye black and gold on the cheaters. They are set back 40' on the riggers over 30 to 45 FOW.

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