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Good and the Bad......

What went great? Well the tournament as always is awesome. The guys that fish this yr to yr, the Committee, and the venue all are great. I've been salmon fishing roughly 4 yrs and I don't think there is any better area to fish out of then The Bald Eagle/Sandy Creek/Oak orchard area. We have a great fishery with very talented fisherman surrounding us. Beyond the talent within the fleet is the commrodery. It truly makes for a fun experience every outing.

What we did right was fish the right Waters for a win. Half the battle is finding the fish and that we did. We managed a full box but we simply couldn't put size in the box. We dropped a couple decent fish that would of helped , but even they were teens fish. Simply put we just never got dialed in. Took fish on meat, spoons, and flys of all colors...... We landed about middle of the pack, but was really shooting for 1/3.

What I loved to see is the guys that have really taken me under their wing since I started all landed in the money. This tourney really gave the top guys a chance to prove why they stay at the stop. We did manage a $250 1st place steelhead prize and also a $250 Brown trout raffle off.

After talking with allot of my friends after the tourney I always get alittle more info on how to better my fishing. The biggest mistake I believe we made was not grinding out an area, but simply always fishing through an area. I need to start working over pods of fish before simply fishing through them once and then searching for the next pod.

Like always a great time with my son and we can't wait till the next tourney. Congrats to every one who placed and to those who simply had a great day on the water



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Nice job Jeremy and Matt! Congrats on the big steelhead!

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