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Zebra mussle question.

Had a fish take a spoon on a 275 wire dipsey in 90-110 fow cant remember exactly, we lost the fish after a hard battle but when i reeled the spoon up the hook was full of zebra mussles does this mean the spoon was ticking bottom or do zebra mussles  come up a bit

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Lol!! We legit did have a fish on got it in to about 100 foot left to go before it came unglued and it took a few runs on the way in so it was def a fish, just odd it would hit it full of zebra mussles and btw i live by a resivor that was damed up in the 30s the trees are all topped and stick up about 30ft off the bottom and i donate about 200-300 dollars worth of tackle there a year so i no what its like fighting bottom, i have even brought up giant tree branches

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