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Cayuga Hoping to target rainbows this weekend

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Hoping to target rainbows this weekend

I'm hoping to head to Cayuga on saturday and wanted to target rainbows and salmon. I've been pretty consistently catching just lake trout. I can't seem to catch a rainbow, brown, or salmon. 


I've used spoons, and flasher flies. But no luck other than lake trout. I know speeds are a little higher for rainbows and salmon than lake trout. I've been setting 2 riggers, one at 70 and one at 40 both with cheaters on. 


I'm still fairly new to this and trying to sort everything out. Any ideas are much appreciated.

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I fished long point south from 4 to dark+. 50 down is 50°water. I ran 10lb fluro, 80 ft back small spoons and Rapala sticks. 5 landlocks. 15 in to 21. Many small ones 9" to 15". No browns.
2 Lakers way up in 60 ft. Keepers but I let everything go. If I marked bait, I caught fish. Most were out in 150 200 ft. Fleas were zip. A few but going away. I ran 1.6 to 2.2 speed. I think if I went south farther I would have seen more. Ran out of day light.

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