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Mark Troy Musky Tournament

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Thanks, Steve.


Any word if the bass tournament will be on the same day?  I am trying to get a good idea of what to expect at the launch that morning.  I have not been at Waneta yet this year, so I am not sure if they are still holding their weekly Saturday tourneys this year...



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I don't know about any bass tournament. Jim told me that Mike F. reserved the cottage on the west side that we had last year which will sleep 8 comfortably. It is reserved for Fri and Sat nights and I believe there is a few spots left. Check with Jim if you are interested in staying there. You wouldn't have to worry about the launch that way.


The tournament hours are 7 am to 4pm and registration will start at about 6am. Awards ceremony and cookout will be at the cottage after the tournament.

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It looks like it will seem more like summer than fall. Shorts may be in order. May be some rain in AM but temps may be in the 80s in the afternoon. I remember one year there was heavy frost on the docks in the morning. Hopefully, the morning fog won't be as bad as it was this past Sunday.

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