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Lake Reports Oswego/Mexico?

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We fished yesterday one final time out of Mexico in front of the big river 130-160 FOW. Decent bait and marks, mostly below 100'. Went 1-4 landing a nice Coho on dipsey with FF out 275. Missed one other on dipsey out 225 and lost 2 off riggers down 120/130. Still fish there but as you said getting close to climbing a tree so we packed it up for the year. Weather should be perfect next few days, good luck with the fish and deer.

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I realize we fished yesterday during the week but what a difference 10 days made in the amount of boat traffic. Only a dozen trailers in the launch and only a few boats out. I think you'll be fine close and maybe start tight first thing but myself if I was there I'd go deeper.


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