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Canandaigua 10/22

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Went out of the north end to to jig and met blue ghost at the launch. They were done we were just heading out at 11:00. He said pretty good north currents between German Bros. and Pumphouse but he managed 4 bows. We started near pumphouse in 65 fow current gave a drift so we had hard time staying vertical. So my son said let's troll. I put out 3 wire dipsies two with flasher flies one with a spoon. Also ran 200' and 300' coppers on boards with spoons. Surface temp was 61-62 did not set up rigger board so no subtroll. We trolled south on west side from pumphouse to German Bros. Some scum and weeds and when I turned east towards middle of lake past German Bros to head away from the weeds the 300 copper started ripping. I got the board off and handed the rod to Liam but he had a lot of line to bring in so I helped him taking turns on the rod. Finally boat a laker which we fried up with French fries and Buffalo wings. IMG_6283.thumb.JPG.9723fcf597731e0f9dcf71ba47513e93.JPGIMG_6285.thumb.JPG.e119c9edbd308adbcdb27fcab4530a93.JPGIMG_6286.thumb.JPG.bd41b1ecdfe0b7dbb25689cb5c750566.JPGIMG_6287.thumb.JPG.50751b71d31700bcb087fa5b8dc23034.JPG
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Nice talking with you ! Glad to see the little guy got into one. Currents were bad. had to run with the plate down on north troll to keep a 2.2 down speed. 3.1 to 3.5 without the plate!  Couldn't buy a dipsy or ff bite. All fish were on a variety of small spoons. Alpena diamond, andy reekers, pirate 55 , nbk stinger ss all took one . Prob the last trip of the season for me sad to say . We will see lol.

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:yes: Liam:)  Not the easiest fishing out there. We opted for perch instead and they didn't cooperate real well either (at least the jumbos didn't).

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