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Out of I Bay. 10-28

I figured this would be my last trip out of I Bay before the bridge gets in the way, so out we went.

We ran a brown program with hammered copper and gold colored backed stingers and dream weavers, mostly variations on the chicken wing pattern with or without a black eye dot. With low speed in mind the super slim was the natural choice for best performance. We went out in 40 to 55 feet of water . The surface temperature was around 59 and the temperature from 5 foot down to the bottom was 56/57. Most of our lines were around 30 feet down. We ended up with 5 browns and a jack.  All these fish were caught in an area of about one acre in 40 feet of water in front of a creek. Out spread was made up of 2 riggers ,2 dipsey divers and one 8 color leadcore. The adventure of the day came on the way back in when I saw that instead of 14 volts, my voltage gauge read a steady 12 . I was thinking about loose wires,but then I remembered a funny noise about a minute earlier. I shut off the engine , opened the doghouse and saw that the drive belt was all ripped. I always keep one spare of everything on the boat. Out came the tool box and the repair only took about 5 minutes. If not for checking my gauges I could have blown up the engine  because of overheating, but we got lucky and everything worked out fine. Now I will replace the water temperature gauge which has not worked since I got this boat 5 years ago.

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9 hours ago, Decoy Hound said:

Sounds like a successful trip!! Glad you got the boat fixed on the water, it pays to carry spare parts!!

Yes that one $18 spare saved a $400 towing service

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