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Need help from someone who knows what they are doing!


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Looks like the rigger ball to me? Were you running a rigger @ 35 ft or so? Usually I pick up my rigger balls 5-10 ft from where my counter is at, due to blow back,etc. With certain conditions, sometimes you'll only pick them up trolling certain directions. Your gps speed is only 2.2, seems a little slow and that would account for you picking up the ball. Here is a pic of my ff Rick, the green lines are the rigger balls, sometimes I hardly pick them up at all....lots of conditions will play a factor in picking them up.

The red ball is bait :lol:


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Yea Rod,

It’s got to be the ball.

I try to keep the down speed around 2.0 and that’s why I get it sometimes and sometimes I don’t.

I will move the ball next time I see it and that should tell me.


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Yes Tom,

Just got back and it is not the ball.

We watched close and can't figure it out. Trolled a few miles on Saturday and it would come and go. Sometimes it would be at 30 ft down, then stop and shoh up something like 15, then back to 30 then gone for a long time, then back. It would do it at 70 fow and out to 110. It didn't seem to matter. Sometimes it was a blue line and sometimes it was a few colors. I only see it on the lake. I have never seen it out in salt water. But I never fish that deep water in salt.

I will watch it next weekend and play with some of the controls to see if it changes.

I will post it if I find something.


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