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Pt Breeze Boat Lauches 3/23/18

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Stopped by the Lakeside Beach State Park office to get my new “Dashboard” Parking Permit for the 2018 Empire Pass. They are Green this year.

The Superintendent indicated that, lake levels permitting, they are  going to try to open the State Boat Launch on Monday April 2, 2018. He noted that existing projects and manpower shortages may delay the opening until April 4, 2018.

Travelers should be aware, if they are not already, that the bridge over Oak Orchard Creek (Rt.18)  closed Monday the 19th of March. Projections are that it would be down about 4 weeks.  Travelers approaching the State launch from the West should not plan on using route 98. Route 18 from the west would be fine or, if you’re a local, you might use the Oak Orchard River Rd, via the Waterport Bridge on route 279 or the Eagle Harbor-Waterport Rd..

Changes have been made to the Parkway to permit West bound traffic to exit onto Route 18 west of the Archibald road which leads to the boat launch.

The folks at the Orleans County office of Tourism say that the county launch by the Black North at Pt. Breeze will open April 15, 2018.

Now if it will only warm up a little, there are a few things I need to do to the boat.

- Rob


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How does it work if you park it the launch at archibald road and have an empire pass.

Do you just leave the empire pass card on your dash ?

Im not sure what the green dashboard pass you mentioned is for.


Thanks for any advice

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Stop at any state park office and show your empire pass. They will give you a card to leave on your dash so the parking officials won’t write you a citation for not paying. Permit card is good for the life of your pass.

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Yes, sorry for the confusion, I should have said rt.18 since rt.98 ends just south of it.

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