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Sold / Closed Poultry Plucker

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Selling my "Yard Bird" plucker that I bought new 2 years ago. I plucked 40-50 chickens with it and I'm done raising chickens now. I'm also including some other items that did not come with the plucker but are needed, such as insulated rubber gloves, a candy thermometer and a large (20qt?) Stainless pot with lid. The plucker works great and is in excellent condition. The motor is sealed so you can rinse the entire unit with a water hose. It's portable and has 2 wheels on it for moving around. It can handle 2 birds but I only plucked one at a time. It has a water hose attachment but I would only use it if you have a hot water hose to hook up to it. (I just slowly poured a bucket of hot tap water over the chicken in the plucker.) The bottom plate spins. It has rubber fingers on the bottom plate and all around the tub.


Asking $375 for everything. I will not ship it. I'm located near Watertown NY.









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1 minute ago, sszoldra said:

I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid going to the farm market with my Dad every Saturday  60 yrs. ago.


Some pluckers go for $2,000. No thanks, I needed this for personal use, not a business.

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I sold mine, but if I still had chickens, I'd still own it.


It has a water hose attachment for the drum, but you can't use a regular water hose on it because cold water cools the bird off before it is plucked. Hook it up to a hot water line and you're all set. Or do what I did, slowly pour a 5 gallon bucket of hot water (from the bathtub) onto the bird while the plucker is spinning. Our hot water is set at 120 degrees.

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