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I took my parents out with me around noon primarily to play with my new graph and escape the heat..Set up in 180’ and wondered that to about 140’. Bottom temp was all over. Marked some bait and a few good hooks. We took a rip on a dipsey 3 set-140’ with a NBK- and a rigger 82’ down Black pearl glow. Both a swing and a miss. I’ve never said this before but it was too hot to be fishing -12:00- 2:00 was as much as we could take! (Not the most ideal time to be going I know but my graph is all set up anyway.) 94 degrees-Not a breeze and the flies were annoying. I spliced 30# blood run sea flea on to my rigger rods after reading reports and had no issues. I also ran braid dipseys with only minimal annoyance. Lake is blowing hard right now out of NW. hope to be back at it Saturday and Sunday.



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