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Just got back from a week of fishing in the Chippewa bay area for bass mostly. Smallie fishing was tougher than normal for us but the large mouth were everywhere. The smallies seemed to be on NO pattern at all. We caught them from 5' to 45' and couldn't find any schools at all to sit on. All in all we had another great week on the SLR so who could complain about that.

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3 hours ago, carpcatcher said:

I'm assuming that you mean largemouths, if so, we had several of them at 4lbs or a little more. No real big one but decent. I'll be curious to see how the big boys do next week.

Yes, I had pre-fish it earlier and couldn't get anything really over 4 lbs. Not that a 4 lber. is not a nice fish but tough to compete with the Smallie

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