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Predator 2018-2019

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21 hours ago, whaler1 said:

I swear these guys know when I’m not home.
Wife’s cell phone pic from the kitchen. WTFIMG_0062.JPGIMG_0063.JPG

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i swear they wait for me to turn off my lights and go to bed!!!

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We been banging away at then this week trying to put a hurting on them here in Hamlin /Kendall. The pic of the yote that has he cut in the belly came from my first shot a hour into the run but I finnaly connected hour and a half later with a good one. There is been nothing easy bout running them this year with all the ice and frozen ground for sure.IMG_20190216_135557972.jpegIMG_20190216_134529979.jpegIMG_20190210_105218400.jpegIMG_20190209_114931305.jpeg

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