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Switching to all copper bullets


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9 hours ago, Ready or Knot said:

Have used lots of barnes tsx out of 7mm mag and 338 rum on elk. Excellent performance on game. Reloaders beware of seating close to rifling with solids. This can cause dangerous pressures. They like to have some jump space. Fwit. Be safe !

What grain bullet are you using for the 7mm?  I'm going to pick up a set of dies for mine.  I hand loaded for my 45-70 with 300 grain tsx and hand excellent results.  Hoping the same with the 7mm

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In the 7mm i use 160 gr with reloader 25. I'm going from memory here as I'm not looking at my notes on this. In the area of 62 - 63 gr ( check latest manual). Free jump is near .060 from rifling. This is sub moa in 3 different rifles. All are m77s of different vintages. Multiple elk and deer have been takin with this out to 400 plus yds.

338 rum : 210 gr tsx with reloader 22 or 25. Fed mag match primers with both calibers. Have found in 338 that 100 yd groups dont always tell the truth. Sub 3 inches at 500 yds but 1 inch plus at 100 ??  Good luck !👍

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