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So i take the dogs for a walk this morning to sober up from last night.[New Years] LOL We go down irondequoit creek walk the banks and look for fish. There right in front of me was 2 fresh green back king salmon on a nest. I have never in all of my years of tromping through there at this time of year seen anything like this. There was even a fresh looking dead one that came washing down the creek. I had a customer send me a photo just last week of a king he caught in webster park. After this past season with the best fishing i have seen in 42 years, it continues to still amaze me. Think about it, we had fish in the streams/rivers since september and here it is January. Just awesome. Let's hope 2019 continues like last year. Happy New Year

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Bruce- that must have been one hell of a hangover. What? No pink elephants? :party:

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15 hours ago, brucehookedup said:

Cmon Kevin I wasn’t that bad. I’m a pofessional

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My apologies. What was I thinking.  :smile:

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