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Battery type and solar charger recommendation for boat lift hoist


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Good Day, I am in need to install a boat lift hoist this year due to health issues. I have an RGC 4000 hoist. Does anyone have any advise on what type battery paired with a solar charger would be appropriate? I have a fairly new deep cycle I wouldn't mind using, but not sure that is correct, cranking? What wattage on the solar charger? Research shows many options, but also says a very large panel may be needed. For sizing purposes I am saying the boat is completely lifted/lowered out of the water twice a day. Partially lifted 2 or 3 times a day. There will be a week of charging time followed by a week of usage. 


Thanks, Dave

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The panels they sell at harbor freight would do the job as cheaply and efficiently as anything (100 amp).  You need to take the amps of motor use to figure out what size bank you need. I would go with what you have and you will know pretty fast if its enough. The solar charger will be plenty big enough if it has 4 to 6 hrs of charge time to on the battery bank. The nice thing with those solar chargers if it is not enough you can buy a second one and piggyback it and you still haven't spent that much money compared to the rest of the field. They work great by the way. 

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