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Vhf antenna

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I need a new antenna for my new boat and radio. I seen the 8101 Shakespeare online for fifty bucks. What will I gain by going to the next one up for a hundred and twenty. I don't see what the difference is in antennas and what benefits I will get from the more expensive one. Any recommendations would be great


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Its all about the antenna and its height above the water. You get what you pay for. Radios are all the same except for the bells n whistles. 25 w on high 1 w on low. You will get better radio performance with a better antenna limited by its height. Think of a sailboat with it on mast 👍

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The cheaper antenna's usually use rg-58 coax  and are rated at 3db, The better antenna's use RG-8 coax rated at 6db. The higher db rating means higher signal strength. A gain increase of 3dB means a doubling of signal strength: 6dB is a fourfold increase, and 9dB is an eightfold increase. The power of the transmission does not change; instead, it becomes concentrated, much like the beam of an adjustable flashlight can be concentrated from wide and diffused to narrow and bright.  Therefore, a radio with a 6dB antenna will sound like it has a larger transmitter than the same radio with a 3dB antenna. The better antenna's are also coated with polyurethane and use stainless ferrules. for better durability. VHF is line of sight as well, so if you fish offshore a lot and want a stronger signal, go with the better antenna. All radios,are rated at 25 watts max, the antenna is going to be the variable on what kind of distance you will get.  Good luck!

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