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cayuga 11/28


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we went 2-3 today running the new big weenie vibrating flys. took our 1st strike on a homo says what fly ran on the middle rigger on the bottom, down 99 ft. them we took this laker on a slap your mama fly on the dypsy out 250. 20 mins later we picked up another small laker on a custom fly that big weenie tied up for me, down 81 ft. then my buddy had to get home so we had to call it quits as the fishing started getting good. our speed was 2.5 water temp was 43 deg from top down to 91ft.


this is the new golby fly that big weenie has tied up. so if you guys are looking for this fly you should give gary a call he has plenty in stock

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Now I know I am tired of skinning deer! Looks like you guys were on the east side around Atwaters maybe. Thanks for the pix, and I was gonna throw in the mothballs and disconnect the battery leads but maybe not!

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