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Yankee's WHI and a Sunday charter

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Wilson Harbor Invitational:

Tournament #2 is in the books and we got ourselves another check. Made a booming run to the East. Those new ACME propellers had the Yankee cruising at 27mph for about 22 miles. Found our water, got bit, but ultimately lost the ones we needed. It happens, but we had fun and ate great out on the water.


We started in the skinny water with a spoon program. Team Dreamweaver Gold Sea Sick Waddler, Glow Green Alewife, Gold 42, and Carbon 14 all took fish on our Cannon Downriggers and wires. Our biggest fish inside came on 200' of A-Tom-Mik Mfg. copper pulling Familiar Bite Alewife strips. After we had our box we went looking for bigger fish. That's when we realized we done messed up! As we got out over 100' of water the 300' copper and deep riggers started firing with a better class of fish. We landed 2 of them and lost 7/8 others. All of those fish were eating the Familiar Bite Alewife strips.


Congrats to our buddies on the Hideout team for the win. They shared the same water we fished today. We'd also like to thank the tournament committee for everything they do to get these events off without a hitch.


May 19th:

Another great day on Lake Ontario. These guys from Erie, PA came up and encountered their best day of Spring Salmon fishing ever. We started the morning inside probing the 35-45' level to see if there were any Salmon snooping around in there. That was a bust. We slid out and found 85-100' to work for us in the morning. After that bite slowed around 11am a good buddy from Dirty Goose Sportfishing called us out to 225' and we grabbed a couple more. We mainly worked between the microwave and the plant and put together a nice catch.


Things that took fish today:

> Familiar Bite on our deepest Cannon Downrigger and on a 300' A-Tom-Mik Mfg. copper. These took the majority of our fish

> Team Dreamweaver Moon Crickets, UV Sea Sick Waddler, and Rodfather were spoons that went on our Downriggers.

> UV Glow Green Alewife on an A-TOM-MIK 200' copper.

> Marv's big fatty/A-TOM-MIK Ultra Green Glow out 150' on a wire diver.



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11 hours ago, baitballin86 said:

Love your reports Yankee thanks brother!!! I honestly been having a hard time out of the genny not sure weather to head east or west. Ibay launch is closed so im limited to the genny, any advice?

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I hate to say this, but look for the charter boats. You can't beat their network. Doesn't mean you have to be on top of them, but they will give you a direction or area.

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I hate to troll around you guys and mess with your business. I am honestly looking into getting my captain license and be in the network. Its a dream of mine to be a charter captain i am learning slowly from all of the information you guys share and i am grateful for it. I currently have a small bayliner with a custom board i made for the back riggers and 6 stainless rod holders for dipsys also a hand made mast system with planer boards. Its a great set up and im sure you have seen me out. I have accumulated great electronics and rods/lures. Just need to get more consistency with trout and salmon.

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