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Avid Angler

Looking to buy rod holders

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Had a little accident on the boat and broke some rod holders. Just wanted to see what anyone had extra that they are willing to get rid of!! Anything that goes in a track system I’m interested in!! Thanks!



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you can get the cannon ratcheting rod holder at hodgesmarine.com for them for 74.00 each plus the tracks. you will want to  get tracks a little longer than you think you need. I got a 24" but it wasnt long enough for me. so I just added another 24".now when im trolling its easy to set them up with lite bite slid divers. but other rod holders will do the job. but the cannon can be set with one hand. then when you bring a rod in just grab the rod and lift and they will ratchet to the upright position. no more leaning over the s the side of the boat to get a rod. you just lift the rod out of the holder.

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