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Hey guys I need a bit of advice on a good boat mechanic. I just bought an 89 bayliner trophy 24' and am too busy with work right now to work on it to get ready for summer fishing with the family. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania so I know I am going to need to travel. Just looking for some advice. If it helps what I really want done for now is tune up the main motor and kicker, add a planer arch and move the downrigger mounts. If you guys have some recommendations in the southern tier of New York that would be great since it would be closer to me.


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From a fellow guy in northeastern pa ... you might look up by walkenpaupack just stay away from first class marine better they should name it no class marine there are other options up there you might try Moore’s outboard service in Ithaca he rebuilt a 250 hp engine for me and did ok ..don’t know if he does inboards or not there is a guy in Dickson city on business 6 the son is pretty 

decent they are a tracker dealer the old man is a troll stay away from that ...


what ever you find better take a big dose of patience this time of year everyone is slammed 

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