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Deans cove 6/ 23

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Showed up at deans a little after 5 am went to the parking lot to make the boat ready while waiting for my friends to show at 5: 30 . When they got there ( on time as usual) we launch the boat. I went and park the truck and was meet on the way down the steps by the senior member of the group he's a mechanic by trade saying to me you got any jumper cables, umm no I don't ,why ? The power switch is on both batteries and there is not one bit of power . I'm like well let's go fishing . Got in the boat had no power couldn't lower the lower unit had nothing as he said. so I unhook the e z steer rod and pulled started the kicker and way we went . Short time later the kicker charge the batteries so I could lower the lower unit down and hook the EZ steer rod back up . Half way through the morning had enough power to start the i/o . Got to love having a kicker I will say . So today we had a gentleman's Derby 5 bucks a man biggest fish takes all . We did 17 Lakers . The biggest was 9 . 6 or so down to 3 . 3 lbs .


I like to say how good my buddies are . Today (really ever time out) they are putting 20 s on the dash for gas . Hey I don't need gas money we are fishing with the kicker what gas I'm I burning . In fact today is my 4 trip out on a 6 gallon can and still didn't empty it . I can't put into words what these guys have done . From putting me up while waiting for my new home to close after my divorce, stored all my stuff, helping fix the boat when needed . I hope it's true what they say about karma because they sure have a lot of good coming their way. As always thanks guys IMG_20190623_070341612.jpeg


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Goodness begets goodness Brian. They know you are a standup guy and hell of a fisherman as do the rest of us  that know you. :smile::yes:

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