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SharkHunter 7/19-7/20Bald Eagle

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Did some fishing with the fellas an landed on some of the best Atlantic salmon I've ever boated.(14lbs an 10 lbs) They wanted a fast troll an was burning arnd 2.8 with spoons off my 200 n 300 coppers , riggers parked at 65- 75 , moonshine carbon 14 was the star in the100-140 fow range was best.



I was not planning on fishing but ended up getting the day off from work, so I set off with just me an my 11 yr old to try our hand at the Bald Eagle Derby. Ended up having a ton of fun as the Kings were snapping real good. Figured with such a good bite an watching other boat nets dip all day it was gonna be close derby. We ended up in 5th place with a box weight of 62 lbs. The best part was the first time I won a little $ an got to split it with my boy, he wore a smile a mile long when I handed him his share.

Def a spoon bite an if it glowed it goed. Same range as the day before.



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