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After a couple of weeks off the water for a family vacation and some other obligations I was back at it this past week.


Sunday evening 7/28 solo trip. Ran offshore to check out some waypoints from last summer. Set up in 550'

Didn't take long and started getting bit. Fished about 4 hours ended up 5 for 8 with 3 Kings & 2 Steelhead. Biggest King about 16lbs. Steelhead were in the 5lb range.

Had one really big rip that came unbuttoned at about 330'. 4 Fish on spoons on riggers at 50-60 down, one on F/F at 180.


Monday evening 7/29 Solo again. Ran back out to where I started the night before. With a plan to troll back to port and cross some spots where I had good looking screens the night before.

Set up with meat on a diver and spoons on riggers w/pinned cheaters. Hits came in scattered depths. Ended up 4 for 6. All Kings, two good ones at 22 & 24lbs. The 22lb was on a Lances two face Stinger paddle w/Diabolical 2 face meat rig in 330'. (Same depth as the good hit from the night before that I lost) The 24lb was on a NBK mag in 120' 


Wednesday evening 7/31 My wife came up to camp before heading to NYC for a few days. It was a little bumpy wasn't sure how she would do. Headed back offshore. Set up in 540' on a southeast troll at 500' rods started firing. At that point my wife was not doing well. Pulled the lines and headed in. 45 minutes of fishing. 2 for 3. Largest at 15 or so pounds. All spoon hits.


Friday 8/2 Had an employee and his step son up for a day on the lake. Split the day up into two outings. Few hours in the morning and and evening run.

Morning  Started the morning before sun up at 100' First rod fired before the second was even deployed. Nice mid-teen King to start the morning followed by 2 more in the next few minutes. Circled back around and picked up 1 more. At this point boats everywhere, heavy traffic. Pointed the boat Northwest to get away from the pack. Glow spoons early, Die hard UV & Hammerhead taking shots when the sun came up. Ended then morning shift 9/12. 8 Kings one Steelhead. Spoons on riggers and F/F on divers doing the damage. F/F was Chrome 2 face S/D w/stud fly and another similar pattern 210' & 240' #2 setting on Chinook divers. Largest King at 22lbs.  

Evening Back out offshore with the plan to troll home as I did earlier in the week. Started a little deeper in 660 fow. One hit right off the rip and then silence until we got back to about 520' 

Stayed around the 500' range for a while and passed through waypoints from Wednesday. Few more hits, one was a Nice Steelhead at about 9 pounds that hit a UV Purple Tuxedo Stinger on a rigger. Pointed the boat back towards port with scattered hits coming along the way in until about 200 fow. Another 22lb King came to the net on Frost Bite UV spoon.

Spoons on riggers and meat rigs on copper taking most of the hits. Only one hit on F/F. Ended the evening 6/12. 


Only kept a handful of fish all week, released what we were confident would survive. 













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