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Adding brine to cut bait question

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Hello. I would like to add some brine to my cut bait. Do alot of you guys use extra brine ? I have a bottle of Mike's Natural Bright and Tight 3 in 1 brine and a 2oz bottle of salmon and steelhead glo scent. Would it be good to add it to the brine ? If so how much should I use ? I have a pint jar I'm using right now. Thanks 


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I use Pautzke and trying Pro-cure.  I typically brine for 24-48 hours, the make packages of 6-8 and vacuum seal.  I might try coating in Borax first, then brine as I have noticed the scales don't stay on as well as I had hoped.

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Posted (edited)

I use fire-brine natural.... usually leave it in the brine for atleast 24hrs after I cut them. I add just enough brine to completely cover the strips. I've also brought home unused strips put them back in the freezer and used them again the next weekend with good results. 

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Thanks for the info. I have the herring in the Mike's brine with the glo scent. We will see how it works out. Hopefully I'll be out this weekend. I have used some of the Pautzke stuff for skein which worked good. Maybe I'll try the Pautzke brine next time. Ever try any color to it ? 

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