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Rookie Fisherman

This week in OZ (Labor Day weekend) Updated.

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Fish and boats everywhere! 

Fished Saturday PM, Sunday AM, Mon PM


Saturday PM We had a case of the dropsies only going 3 for 8. Wannabe paddle w/Musslehead Meat Rig continuing to take shots along with Valium Pro-troll paddle w/stud fly. Fished 100-140 or so with 110-120 being the best. Highlight was a Nice Coho!


Sunday AM Headed out to the same area well before sun up for the early bite and to beat the cluster at the ramp. Had our full spread out before the sun came up but didn't take our first shot until about 7:30

A chaotic morning to say the least. Some combat trolling, couple bad tangles and a planer line issue all while taking 3 quick shots. 

Took a little while for us to dial them. All meat hits except for one flasher fly bite. Wannabe paddle w/meat was good for one fish. All other hits came on a 11" Pro-Troll Green Hornet paddle w/Atommik meat rig fished right off the bottom in 100-120'  Jigging the trolling motor triggered most of the bottom strikes. No monsters, 20lb about the biggest but ended up with a nice box. Finished up about noon.


Monday PM Went out after the rain quit. Back to the same area. Swells started to kick so we kept it on a east troll with the waves at our back. Ended up 3/3 in about 3 hours with one at 23 pounds. Chartreuse was what worked today. Jilly Billy Paddle with meat took two on a deep rigger and Kryptonite paddle w/fly on 300' copper took one.

Decided to pull lines and had back as the swells continued to grow and we had an 11 mile run back to the harbor.











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24 minutes ago, gasman2438 said:


Hadn’t finished my coffee yet. Thx!

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9 hours ago, Traveling Circus said:

Looks like you're carving up the stuffin' for a lamprey meat rig.........:yes:

Wouldn't that be something, catch the Salmon on the parasite that preys on them.

Not sure about others but we did not see as many Lamprey this year. That one was a big one though.

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