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Full moon river bite

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This year has been a great open water bite. Rivers have cleared up just in time for a warm up and rain to dirty them up again. Tonight the moon was bright and the bite lasted about an hour. Bright moon nights have not been good to me this year so tonight I decided to go right at dark while the angle of the moon was low, this was key as the last full moon i fished i had to wait till after 1am to catch the moon going toward the horizon,  ......didnt want to wait that long. I ran dark colored huskys, and xraps and got a good bite from 6-7. Cranking lures deep with a slow retrieve worked best, slow enough were my line was freezing on my guides making noise as I reeled. I was rewarded with a good limit of eaters and a final bite that felt pretty good. As I saw her role, i knew it was a good one and i was able to land her. At 28.25 inches, she is my 3rd fish over 28 this winter. After the pic, she was released to give someone else a thrill and keep the walleye fishery going. Remember, fish holes adjacent to shallow rifts. When it's dark run bright colors like white and clown.....and when its bright like tonight, perch patterns,  purples and blues.  45 cast into current, slow retrieve with an occasional pause. When you least expect it, you'll get hit,  and it'll scare the heck out of ya, but it's what we night guys chase.....the tug!


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Don’t fish the Genny, but if I still lived in Rochester, I’d fish it from the lower falls pool. And I’d use bright colors as I remember it was never super clear, especially south of the city. There is good eyes in there though.

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