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This is very troubling

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I think that we had an abnormal influx of water in April and May last year, and that's what caused our issues. When we first put the docks in at Sandy, the water was up, but not insane. The problem was that the water never stopped rising. The latest IJC forecast shows us higher now than in 2019, but predicts that we will level off sooner: https://www.ijc.org/en/loslrb/watershed/forecasts


Of course, that will depend on snow pack in the upper great lakes and precipitation this spring. IMHO, it's unlikely that we will see last year's levels. But my prognostic ability is questionable: I told a buddy in Boston a month ago that there wasn't much to worry about from COVID-19 since he was young and healthy. Missed the boat on that one, for sure.

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