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Sold / Closed NK C5, R&R, Northport Nailer, Pro King Lots All Sold

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Lot 1  8 NK C5's     2 1/2"            $20.00 Shipped   Left 1st 1-silver cup, Next 1-Gold Cup, Next 1   Silver Cup, Next 3-White Cups, Bottom 2 Silver Cup    SOLD


Lot 2  8 NK C5's     2 1/2"             $20.00 Shipped        All Have Silver Cups except bottom left-Gold Cup                                                                    SOLD


Lot 3  8 R&Rs        2 1/2"              $20.00 Shipped       Left 1st 4- White Cups, Next 1-Copper Cup, Next 2-White Cup, Bottom 2-Silver Cup          SOLD


Lot 4  4 Nortport Nailers  3 3/4"   $12.00 Shipped           All have White cups    SOLD


Lot 5  6 Pro Kings   3 3/4"            $16.00 Shipped          All have Silver cups     SOLD


Lot 6  4 Pro Kings   2 3/4"            $12.00 Shipped          All have Silver cups       SOLD


All spoons are in great condition.

Paypal Available








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