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Fished from about 7:30 to 11:30.   Tried inside until about 9am fishing 7- 20 ft of water since we saw 3 to 4 boats nearshore.  Got nothing.  Went out to 80-100 and boated 1 laker about 60 down over 80 on a spoon.  Went in and and came back out around 1:30 and fished til about 5 in same 80-100 ft range just northwest of Braddock.  Did 3 more lakers, 2 with rigger set at 90 and 1 with rigger at 72.  Had 4 other releases.  All on spoons.  2 on silver/blue stripe NK and one on yellow with orange stripe NK.  Lake fairly calm.  0-1 ft wavers from the east/northeast.  Seems to be the predominant wind direction the last few weeks.

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Damn that’s sweet

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