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Great video of an exceptional father

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That's a GREAT story (I believe it was on TV once too few years back :yes: )

Being the uncle of a 20 year old with severe Cerebral Palsey ;( who too is confined to a wheel chair and has to communicate in the same manner, and a cousin (my mom's niece who was very very much mentally retarded and couldn't communicate at all) I watched what my aunt and uncle went through because they too didn't want to put her in an institution, does make this a remarkable story and one that the Hoyts as a family should feel very proud of :yes::clap:

Most of you don't know what it is they as parents must go through each and everyday. It's a lot tougher than the running, biking and swimming he did with his son sure is. My family and I watched first hand as my sister went through all of this as a single parent :(

With all this being said, what bothers me about it is, for the author to say "he sucks" or that "taking his son bowling seems lame" just is not right.

There are things that we as parents have to face day in and day out that the Hoyts didn't have to with their son. Like keeping their child safe from the screwballs in this world that we all have to watch out for on a daily basis through everyday things like the internet or letting them go to the store or just ride their bikes down the street, like people of my generation and older (I'm 47 yrs old) were able to do without a worry for the most part.

To constantly watch over them to keep them safe and raise them to become good people and responsible adults in this day and age is just as big of an accomplishment as far as I am concerned. So the author of this story should not think he "sucks" or is "lame" because of what Dick Hoyt did.

Being loving, caring parents we all try to make our children have happy lives full of as much joy as we can!

It truly is a heart warming story and one that surely should have been told :clap:

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Great storry!!! I think sometimes we take things for granted. how many times have we climbed in and out of our boats, or up and down A tree stand,and never give it A second thought?They are A true inspiration to us all especially in such difficult times.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - Tank man what is up!!!!!

That is too freaking funny. Eyes watered on this one!

Or the time your mom came out in the canoe when we were trolling and she....

Or the small pile of carrots right off Lightohouse.

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