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With all this Covid crap, 5 kids out of school, and a wife working crazy shifts at the hospital my fishing has been slim Pickens. This weekend I fished the Condor Classic , OOO Pro division , and some Brackets. Friday was a 3 fish box . It felt grindy but we managed a respectable box with our biggest king being 23+ lbs placing us just inside the money . We also won 4 of our brackets that day. Saturday was was first leg of OOO and a 10 fish box. We consistently generated bites but the matures just weren’t cooperating. We did get our box 5 kings 2 lakers and 3 steelhead putting us around 1/3 of of the pack . We lost three of our brackets and advanced to the finals of 1 of them. Sunday was absolutely miserable . We tried inside , in the middle, and out in the shipping lanes. We struggled for every bite and managed 6 fish but knew it was a wrap. It seemed North or South wasn’t our issue, it was East to West. We landed a 2nd place in our bracket for a little more money.

For us 180-220 took most of our fish . Although we didn’t do well offshore 31 line , there was some big kings taken out in the 32-33 line. It felt great to be out for some great competition and see a lot of the Captains that I respect. This weekend I’ll be fishing the Bald Eagle Tourney with my kids and hoping to squeeze out Thursday night to do some offshore scouting. Cold water was inside for plan A but ide like to take the peak for a Plan B.

If all goes well we’ll be reporting some big fish landed



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I too fished in the OOO open, the boat I was on.manged a 6th place finish and won a bracket, we struggled on size and sounds like we had similar tactics going on. From the looks of Rob"s box seemed like the fish where more East on Sunday.

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