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The fishing has improved over the last week. Kings are beginning to show up, had an excellent evening on Saturday. Finding temperature and pods of fish takes time, but they’re here more than they have been since May. I’ve had success on the Moonshine Blue Jeans spoon in particular. 

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I'm heading up tomorrow.  Not liking this weather pattern but I have the week off and than the boat will have its summer home until late September.  Hoping to locate some kings. I love summer kings just find them and they are usually active.  The problem of course is always finding them.  I will post up reports.  If anyone is out there I usually go by Connecticut Trophy reach out by radio or PM for a phone number.   Here's a pic with the Oceanside Rocket launcher and a fresh coat of wax.  



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Finally have a second to post my report.  


After having a flat tire on rte 90  with no spare Tuesday June 30th we got up to Port Lodge around 2:00.  I was hoping to get there closer to 12 since we had work to do to get going.  Any way on the water at about 4:00 (it gets dark up there so late) and headed West from the Little Salmon to about 180FOW.  Wasn't too long we had three kings in the boat all on the copper rod :sweating:.  Two teenagers and one smaller king.  


Wednesday:  Headed out in the morning with a bit of North West breeze. Only stuck one till we decided to take a break.  Tried to go back out in the afternoon but wind had picked up and it was blowing North West pretty good making it for tough conditions to head back to 5 stacks.  Decided to head back and call it a day.  


Thursday: By far our best day with a decent West wind with 2-4 by the time we called it quits.  Went 5-8 with 3 on meat and two on flies.  Nothing on the spoons. Could literally only troll East but fishing made up for the rough ride.  Again no afternoon trip due to the wind.  


Friday:  Finally a bit calmer.  But we were headed home so we only fished till 10.  Finally a spoon bite.  2 on the spoons and one more on the meat. 


All in all a great trip. Not sure what happened on Wednesday which could have really improved our number but I'll take 12 salmon in just for trips.  Nothing over 20lbs but there were some boats that got bigger ones.  Now that the boats up there I can't wait to get back up. 






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