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Controller cable slipping.

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I'm at the Genny. Looking for a boat mechanic that would be able to work on this.

It's going into gear. But as I push the controller forward to give it gas nothing happened. . I have heard there are some mechanics that work on the boat in the water in certain situations. Thought I would post this if there is such a guy.


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IO? Does the engine rev up, but won't go anywhere? If so, a little more complicated. Sounds like your cable end at the carb is loose, off or broke. One cable shifts her into gear, another advances the throttle in gear. Take a look at the carb or throttle body to see where the cable terminates. It may be obvious. If not, maybe the same is true at the controller end. You can pull it off to look and see, but don't take it apart unless you are confident in putting it back together. They are full of springs and stuff that must go back together correctly. The problem may be obvious in the back of the controller.

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