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Looseeye’s Seneca Lake Running Report 7/30-8/4

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Well it’s been almost a year and I’m coming back!


This will be year #3 at Seneca/Sampson. I decided to start this thread early since my trip is a little over a week away and I’m excited to head back west. Similar to the last two years I’ll try and post every night after I get out!


This years trip will be cut short due to covid restrictions at the Sampson Cottages but still hoping to get out for a few solid days of trolling. I hope everyone has been safe and healthy during all the madness!


Fishing opportunities have been rough for me. I have avoided launches on the weekends and only been out a handful of times on Lake Champlain. Water temps and fleas have been horrid in the souther basin, and it sounds like Seneca and Cayuga aren’t fairing any better with the fleas??


Anyone have recent down temp info? I recall last year it being ~40-60’ down around this time. With the heat I’m sure things are different this year!


Anywhooo, hello again to all! Hopefully I will have some good reports and stores to share in about a week!


A lil’ smoked salmon action from Lake Champlain is attached as a teaser





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Welcome back! Wait till ya see the new cabins at Samsen...

Water has been screwy, but the fish are active. Temps have been 40 to 70 down. With 50-60 prime temps.

Greens and whites have been best. The flasher bite has picked up for lakers. Silvers have been slow from past years unless ya head south about 5-8 miles.

Watch out for weeds! [emoji2961]

They really make ya work for it since week after the 4th.


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Thanks Nick!

I also hear there’s a lot of changes going on at the marina so it will be interesting to what’s changed in a year.

Hopefully the weeds aren’t too bad, last few years I didn’t have to many issues. Gonna bring the 50lb big game for the rigger rods in case the fleas are bad. It’s always a crap shoot, hate putting it on unless I have to. If time and conditions allows I’ll Deff spend a day at Cayuga too.

Dug out the wire Diver rods and the grease traps tonight!


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Sooooo when Nick mentioned new cabins above it got me thinking. I looked into it, the Samsen marina has put in cabins!?!? That was quick!

Based on one site It looks like they have a crap ton. Can anyone tell me if thats the case? Or are they putting them in in phases?

It also looked like the cost of slips went up.

Really hoping the new “owners” arnt gonna be overpacking that park like sardines. Maybe I’m just overreacting to change but that would drive me away forever.

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Whelp, today’s tally was a big ol’ goose egg. Luckily it was a beaut of a day. Started the day north of Sampson, marked lots of bait up high. Temps were 35ish-45. Wife needed a bio break so we headed back in after two swings and misses. We then decided to cover some ground. Made our was south, way south. Fished a few spots all the way down past Glenora with only one more bump but nothing to show for it. Temp was a bit deeper down that way ~55’. Tried different speeds and techniques. Maybe I’m just a bit rusty but I prefer to tell myself today’s conditions were meant more for boating and not fishing [emoji23].


Both weeds and fleas were very manageable, even my stacked rods with 15lb main line had minimal issues most areas.


I suppose I’ll give it another go tomorrow and report back then. Time for a frosty beverage.



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Day two went a bit better than day one here on Seneca. Fished till noon then played boat tour guide with some family. Landed two lakers and lost another after deciding to go deep with the riggers. “Hot” (if you can call 3 fish hot) spoon was a black fin tuna patterned SS. Temps seemed to be dropping a tad deeper than yesterday up here around Sampson.

All in all you can’t beat this weather for a nice boat ride. Looks like the winds will be up tomorrow and possibly Monday. Will see how it goes!


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