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FYI - There is a tournament being held on Sodus Bay this coming weekend. Info can be found at:


Pay out was $200 for first place in each category for the first round of the tournament. If you didn't fish the first round, you can still fish the second round this weekend. They are looking for another 20 - 30 fishermen for the tourny to ensure decent pay-outs for the winners (otherwise it will be cancelled). If interested, you can register up to this Wednesday afternoon (even though the website says you had to be registered last month) and the cost is only $20. By the looks of the weather, you'll probably need a boat as the ice is becoming very questionnable and there's no cold weather in the forecast.

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Yeah, it's been cancelled. While it was labeled as a "Ice or No Ice" tourny, they didn't want to be responsible for anyone venturing out on very questionnable ice. Bummer! I was all set to go for the Grand Angler Award!!! ;( Well, maybe next year...

Now we can all look forward to the Spring LOC!! :clap:8)

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