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Set up in 250, temp was at 115 down. Trolled north to almost 500 fow, stayed around 400 for a while after marking some fish in this area, but no takers. Marked a lot of fish up high in 50-80 fow, way up out of temp. Headed back in , picked up a teenager around 350 fow on a 300 copper with spoon, around 150 picked up a small king on meat. Marked quite a bit of bait/ fish in that 100-150 fow range as we were packing up.



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I fished the Braddocks area Friday morning and couldn't believe the bait pods and fish that I was marking in approximately 120 fow.  Could only manage two small Kings and I mean small... Did have one rip on a dipsie in 130 and was broke off.....frustrating day for me....

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