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Crossbow Recommendation


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I have a Barnett vengeance.  Inverted limbs.  dampeners so it is not too loud but still louder than my compound.  Stock scope is very reliable.  I have killed 2 deer over 40 yards.  I have wounded one deer at 30 yards.  The tiniest of twigs do not show up in the scope.  All the deer I have missed or wounded have been because of twigs I didn't see.  This would be the same for a compound but you get tunnel vision with a scope sometimes so you need to be aware before you see deer where your scenario is.  The two I killed over 40 yards were open mowed fields and the bad outcomes were not.


pros Crossbow allows you to hunt tucked in like turkey hunting.  Con - re-cocking is hard to do without alerting every deer in the area.  Other than that hunting is hunting.  You still have to make good decisions.

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I have an Excalibur and a Camx
I don’t have a problem with either but the camx is superior in my opinion. It’s made by a company out of Rochester from what I read. I can de cock the bow with one hand using the rope and it’s 8lbs of pressure. Much better than going through a pile of the de cocking bolts. Very accurate and 340fps, which is the ideal medium between speed and accuracy.

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