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You Tube shows on Lake Ontario, Niagara Bar.

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Search out on You Tube for hours of fishing Lake Ontario , its tributaries like Oak Orchard Creek and an eighteen pound brown trout, the Niagara Bar and the upper and lower Niagara River with Kings, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout featured. A lot of fishing tips are here. While you are restricted to your home, you can avoid network television junk. Streaming Television is todays modern viewing television, computer screen and even your cell phone. Unlike network broadcast programs you can search out from thousands of shows peoduced by anyone with a camera or professional movies. All you need is a wi fi connection and the whole world is yours. The hottest stock market item now is Net Flix. World Wide Web is at your key board so figure it out. Also I have local broadcast antennas that feed my TV the local ststions free after installing a good antenna. My lakwside antenna gives me 62 channels free. If I rotate it facing Canada The Canadian sttions come in fine. An outside higher antenna is Gold for TV viewing. The wi fi connection is your biggest cost now.

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The fishing education, locations especially shore fishing methods, are the greatest tourist draws that we New Yorkers are unaware of. The fishing in the lower Niagara River gorge from shore are amazing and no where in North America can be had.

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