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Lund Power Supply Setup

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Hey Everyone, looking for some help with making sure I have an adequate power supply for next season. Here's where I am now:


2017 Lund Rebel XS Sport

Humminbird Helix 9 Mega DI GPS

FishHawk X4

(1) Scotty 1116 DR

Minnkota Powerdrive 55lb TM

Mercury Analog Prerig w/Gauges


Looking to add:

2nd Scotty 1116 DR

Marine CB Radio

Kicker or Terrova AP (still trying to decide)


Right now I only have the 2 stock 12v batteries onboard (one under the rod locker and another at the stern) and need some help with what I might need to keep everything stable/reliable.


Do I need an onboard charging system?

(2) inline 12v batteries?

Something else?


Attached are a couple photos of the battery slots as they are today, with everything unbuttoned for winter.


Thanks guys,






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Do you troll with the big motor? You have enough power on board already for everything.Those 55 pound 12 v motors will drain a battery quickly  just bass fishing from my experience.  dedicate a battery for just the tm. Then add a on board charger to charge the tm battery when you get home. I am assuming that you trailer the boat.

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I run 3 batteries on my Lund. 2 for the 24v tm and the other for everything else. I have drained the starting battery before when I am on the trolling motor while bass fishing and the big motor isn't running.  I have never had that problem while trolling 

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Unfortunately we do use the main motor to troll. Right now I have everything on the main battery with the exception of the fish hawk, which is on the TM (front) battery.

We troll primarily, then drift/cast second. I've owned the boat for 3 years and have used the trolling motor twice. Just not a bass guy. I've really only kept the TM on the boat as an emergency power source.

If I add a second rigger and the other stuff I mentioned am I still good running off the main battery?

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