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Carbonated Drinks Don't Stop Gill Bleeding

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Here is a recently published peer-reviewed article in North American Journal of Fisheries Management that supports the idea that pouring soda on a fish's (Pike) gills does NOT do anything to stop bleeding. Better to throw them in the cooler if you experience substantial gill bleeding. Published by scientist at Carlton University in Ottawa. They tried mountain dew, coca cola and carbonated lake water, no report on beer, however.....:beer: 


Thought this might be an interesting paper to share. If you don't have access to it, I included the PDF file so you can read the whole article



Carbonated Drinks Article.pdf

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Was fly fishing steelhead on winter day a while back.  


I caught a keeper size steelhead . 


Swallowed the fly . 


After taking the hook out ,,it was bleeding pretty good and figured it wouldn't make it . A lot if blood  . So I put it on the stringer and tied it off on the overhanging pine right across from the Archers club and continued fishing .


I walked up by it about an hr latter and I scared it it it started splashing around . 


When I took it home ,,it was still alive when I put it in the truck . 


So they aren't as fragile as you might think .  

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Bleeding of fish by gill incisions creates better fish of all kinds for consumption. Pacific commercial trolllers bleed their salmon immediately as they are brought aboard. Self draing overboard  ice filled boxes immediately chill the fish and when the entrails are removed the fish is flash frozen, then dipped in fresh water to seal the fish from air with an ice coating and then frozen in a freezer. This insures top sale dollar for their fish and a quality meal served at top rates seafood restaurants.

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