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Okuma Convector stiffness

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First timer posting here - appreciated all the insight shared here for a long time. I recently inherited an Okuma Convector CV30 DS that hadn’t been used or taken care of in a while. The reel doesn’t seem in bad shape but things were stiff and hard to crank. 

Took the reel apart and cleaned everything up as it had some dirt inside and was pretty gummed up. Got every thing clean, reassembled and it’s better but not great or like my other Convectors with smooth cracking and easy drag setting. Both the crank and the drag seem stiff. I only put a little bit of lube on things as I reassembled.

Any suggestions on what to try next? Or what might need replacing? Or just more reel lube?



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Send it out to Tuna Tom for a "check-up"



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Thanks for the quick replies. I’m in Canada so I’ll see if there’s a local shop to take it too. 

Has anyone else experienced this with an Okuma or other reel? If I was aware of a component to investigate further, the reel is actually pretty straight forward to strip down. 

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