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Sold / Closed Blue Diamond Rigger Rods

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Have several Okuma Blue Diamond Downrigger rods acquired in a tackle swap.   These rods needed some guides repaired and tips replaced replaced because of missing inserts,  Rods have been repaired with guides replaced, retied and coated with flex coat rod guide epoxy.  Pac Bay hialoy double foot guides were used in correct sizes.  Rods weren't broken just guide issues.  With repairs rods are in "good condition".   Photo's attached and can provide more if requested.  Price is as follows:


Group 1- Pair of BD-C-862M-1 8'6" Line 12-25lb  Medium Action 2 piece rigger rod.  Price per matched pair with USPS domestic shipping is $65.00    Repairs were one guide on butt section replaced each rod and one tip replaced. 


Group 2- One BD-C-762ML -1  7'6" Line 8 to 20lb Medium Light action 2 piece rigger rod.  Repairs were one upper guide replaced and one upper guide retied along with new tip.


               One BD-C-862 ML-1 8'6" Line 10 to 20lb Medium Light action 2 piece rigger rod.  Note this rod measures closer to 8"1".  Repairs were 3 upper guides replaced.


                One BD-C-862MLa 8'6" Line 10 to 20lb Medium Light action 2 piece rigger rod.  Believe this is an earlier version w/different butt and wrappings.  Repairs were one guide retied and tip replaced.


                Price for Group 2 Rods with USPS domestic shipping for all three rods is $75.00.

 Note- these rods being sold as "used".  No returns or refunds.  Happy to provide more photo's if concerns on condition.    







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