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Crestliner sst transom

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Hey people got a crestliner 216 eagle sst. Would a moisture meter read threw aluminum. I bought it used about 5 yrs ago want to see if the outer transom needs replace. Could pull lower bolt and see if wood is soft. 

    Now I have read that plywood best strength is at 22 degrees on a aluminum boat should I even worry. And when lamanating would you use epoxy resin or use 5200 and epoxy to seal the whole outer side thanks

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Would find it hard to believe the SST ( ‘extended transom’ before that was a marketing buzz word) would be an issue. Maybe the true transom would be something to look at ). I have a 30 year old Sabre 2105 OB and a 20 year old 245 Eagle I/O - very solidly built back then

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