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Yankee's "Ho Down" in Wilson May 1/2 (pic heavy)

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Saturday morning - Mother Nature delayed us a few hours this morning, but when we did get out it was game on! Tom and crew drove from Syracuse, NY and joined us for their annual Spring Salmon fishing charter.


We smashed our first King on the set up, and then we got into a Lake Trout pick. While chatting with a fellow Captain he mentioned some Coho bites on his short cores. We sent out a couple 5 color FishUSA Stealthcore rods loaded with DW 6" Spinnys/A-TOM-MIK Coho flies and just put a whooping on the Coho. So, thank you Matt Yablonski for that tidbit of info. We ended the trip going 3/5 on Salmon, boated 15 Coho, and landed a handful of Lake Trout. It was a great multi-species morning!




Saturday afternoon - Second trip of the day was miserable if all you looked at was the weather. The fishing......Pretty good! Jessie and gang traveled all the way from Massachusetts to fish with us this weekend. As do most afternoon trips it started out as a nice pick and turned into a fire drill.


We spent the first few hours playing with the Coho. Red thinfish on 2 cores, and yellow/orange 6" DW Spindoctors/A-TOM-MIK ludington Coho flies on 5 cores. During the last hour we went 3/4 on Kings. All took different offerings. One took an A-TOM-MIK Glow Stud fly 150' out on a diver, one took a blue meat rig 100' out on a diver, one took a Rodfather mag down 75', and one took a red Thinfish on a 2 core. How's that for patterning a chew....... Back at it again in the morning!




Sunday - Jessie and his gang from Massachusetts came back for more this morning. We set down in 50' right out the front door and quickly got on the bite. We fished in 50-60' for most of the morning and had a really good pick of Salmon. Unfortunately, we had a case of the dropsies. Around 10am we slid out to 120-140' and finished out our box of silvers.


The man today was a DW UV Rodfather mag on our Cannon Optimum downriggers. Inside it worked 40' down, and out deeper it fired at 75'. Other things that took fish:


> Red Thinfish on 2 cores

> Yellow 6" DW Spindoctors/A-TOM-MIK Coho fly on 5 cores

> DW Mag Sea Sick Waddler on a 30' Cannon Optimum

> DW Orange Slurpee on a free slider

> DW UV Green Jeans on a 300' A-TOM-MIK copper


Back at it again next weekend!




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The coho are beautiful this year. Great mixed bag fishing right now in Niagara County. Nice fish Yankee. 

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