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Niagara Bar and The Oak suggestions??

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Hi, I hope to do a couple of “road trips†this year and try the Niagara Bar and The Oak. I will be trailering the boat up from the Syracuse area for a long weekend and “lodging†in a tent. Does anyone have any recommendations for a camp ground and / or marina or ramp for launching?? Obviously a Marina / Campground combo would be perfect but am not counting on it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.. Thank-you

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There is no such arrangement at the oak. The best you could do is tent at lakeside beach state park and launch at the state or county launch. The Park is about 4 miles west of Point Breeze. If you have a small boat you may want to look into Green Harbour campground it is about 7 miles west of Point Breeze and you can pitch your tent at the end of your dock (or just about).

You can find a link to Lakeside Beach State park on this page:


Good luck and keep checking reports for the latest info.


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I would stay at lakeside, I don't even think it's 4 miles from the parkway entrance to the Archibald rd launch on the west side of the river. Plenty of parking, 4 launches, hardly ever a wait, it's six bucks to launch in the summer but I think if you camp at the state park you launch for free, not sure though.

Or if Captains Cove has the little motel rooms and the have a launch and docking, you just have to putt down the river a ways (prolly 1/2 mile) to get into the lake.

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If you fish the Bar, you would stay at 4 Mile Creek State Park and Launch from Old Fort Niagara. Hook a right and there is the Lake. Head straight out to the Bouey and you are fishing the Bar. Watch out for Canadian waters.


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At the Oak I liked the 4c's marina. They have their own launch, gas, little cottages to rent, and are only a few hundred yards to the lake.


For the Bar I usually stay at Youngstown motel. Nice clean rooms and there is a picnic table out side were I bring my own grill and feed my family.


Good luck, great ports, and greater fishing.


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